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Kinder Calling Her Fawn

The grass has been cut in some of the fields, so now it's a little easier to spot the deer.

Early morning is my favourite time to be out and about looking for roe deer. On this particular day, I was lucky - I'm able to track down Kinder, as she made her way across one the cut fields, and by the looks of it, there's real purpose to where she's heading. Lo and behold, it all becomes clear....

Kinder walks across the field to fetch her fawn.

Moving over to a hedgerow, she starts calling into the bushes; little high pitched squeaks, penetrating deeply into the long vegetation... that can mean only one thing - she's got one of her fawns safely tucked away in there.

Kinder calls to her fawn, who lay hidden in the bushes.

And out it comes - just a few weeks old, one of her babies bounds of the vegetation and enjoys a good feed from Mum.

Kinder feeds her young fawn.

After the little one has a good, long drink, they disappear into the bushes for a while, but reemerge about 20 minutes later and amble across to the other side of the field, where they were strongly lit by the rising sun.

Kinder attends to her baby's bottom. By licking the little one's genitalia, she stimulates the fawn's digestive system into action, and it excretes waste.

A minute later, they bound into the thick brush behind them, where the other fawn is probably hiding. They remained tucked away in there, for, at least, the next three hours.

Kinder licks her fawn.


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