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A Foggy Glimpse Of Kinder With Her Fawns

Mother and doe groom each other.

Kinder glances over to the camera as she grooms her doe fawn. Although only one fawn is shown in this photograph, the other youngster was just behind her, scampering around and feeding on the wet grass.

It's been almost two months since both of Kinder's fawns have seen been together, but it's finally happened, and what a welcome sight it was, albeit an obscured one.

As you can see, the main problem was the fog. Tracking them down was always going to be a challenge; roe deer are hard enough to approach when there are clear conditions, let alone when there's low lying cloud blanketing the land, as there was on this morning. It was a matter of moving extra slowly and being as vigilant as possible - eyes straining into the fog, trying to spot the familiar outline of a deer. And as you can see, they were eventually found.

Although it has been especially difficult to spot her fawns over the past few weeks, it should get easier from now on. The youngsters look big enough to follow Kinder around the territory, especially at dawn and dusk, and so they will spend less time hiding away in the trees and bushes.

This just leaves me to tell you that this will be my last blog for a while, but I will return at a later date with some more updates and, hopefully, more photos of Kinder and her fawns.

All the best and take care,



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