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A Peek Into The Life A Wild Roe Deer

After Kinder had given birth to twin fawns (see previous blog post), I was eager to catch-up with her brother, Brock, who was spending a lot of time in one particular field, trying to establish his own territory.

Here are a few shots from when I caught up with him for an hour or so, as he went about his normal daily business.

Roe deer buck on patrol.

On patrol.

Roe deer smelling the vegetation.

Taking time to check out the scent on all the prominent markers.

Male roe deer smelling the air.

After a short feed on the new, succulent grass, etc... he found a nice, quiet spot to lay down and rest, but still questioned the air for any suspicious smells.

Roebuck laying down in long grass.

Becoming drowsy...

Male roe deer asleep.

And finally... laying his head down to rest. In the image above, notice how he's still scanning the surroundings for any sounds that could mean danger.

Roe deer very rarely completely switch off and fall into a deep sleep. No wonder it's so hard to get close to roe deer.


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